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Factors to Consider in Buying a Unique Home

Uniqueness is a common attraction for many people. Some people are drawn to uniqueness, and this impulse extends into home-buying. You're likely to have seen a home that is different from the norm. It doesn't matter if it's a cozy home or a dreamy luxury home, there are still people who would still prefer weird-shaped houses or an ensculptic house.

Although the standard house designs may not be appealing to you, there are many reasons they are so popular. These houses can be customized to fit the needs of many people. The common floor plans are a great way to highlight the features that most people desire. The idea of living in unique real estate is a major barrier to people owning it. It is something that sounds more appealing in theory than it does in practice because it requires commitment.

Are you planning to live in a replica hobbit house but still have a particle board bookcase or stainless-steel cooking area? If you are up for the challenge of building a unique home,  here are some things to think about before you call your agent.

Repair Costs of Unique Home Features

Maintenance is a major challenge when you own a unique house. Your dream home could be a large-scale replica of the Hobbit House. How many tiny round windows are there?

You can't simply run to Home Depot and get a replacement window if one of these parts breaks. It may be necessary to call for special order. You will need a new piece of plexiglass to block the window while you wait for the replacement. You will have to wait longer for custom-made parts than standard parts. It will be more difficult to replace these items and generally more costly than regular ones.

Renovation Costs for Unique Houses

Along with the repairs, renovation expenses  are associated with unique properties. If your dining room features built-in benches made of ornate woodwork and you need to pay a skilled carpenter for the restoration or alteration, it may be difficult to find one.

If your home is in a protected area, you may need to apply for a permit if you purchase a historic house . Some home improvements require approval. It would be better to ask your neighbors or your agent if there is a historical society in the area. If you are a DIY enthusiast, this is a good thing. Owners may be required to hire contractors who have the appropriate licensing. It may not be worth all the red tape.

Unhappy Neighbors Due to Uniqueness in Real Estate

Imagine a developer purchasing the house next to your lovely, traditional home. The new owners decide to tear it down and build a concrete teepee that covers 3,000 square feet. It might make you angry. Talk to other neighbors about your concerns and file a petition to stop construction. It puts the developer behind schedule, increases construction costs, and sets them up for failure with the neighbors. You could be resentful neighbors if you buy your dream home and neglect to consider the surrounding neighborhood.

Lifestyle Changes and Cool Unique Houses

Your lifestyle changes should be considered. What you desire now as a single person may not be applicable to your lifestyle once you get married and have children. A unique house purchase is like getting a tattoo. You must commit to it for the long term. You should think twice about living in a house that looks like a shoe if you know how things will change over the next five to ten years.

Selling your Home with Weird House Designs

If your home is more unique than others, there are fewer buyers interested in your home. Unique homes are what people are drawn to, but they know what they need. While they might appreciate that your home is a shell and you have a starfish bathroom, they may find it tacky. It is possible that your home will take longer to sell, and you may not receive the offer you are expecting. You might not get the best price for your home if you spent a lot on  customizations, upgrades, decor, and design .

Potential Hurdles in Selling Unique Houses

Here are the things you will have a hard time with in selling unique homes to potential buyers:

  1. Finding a lender

Standard homes have a simplified mortgage process. The process might be different for you because you are unique. A large down payment can increase your chances of getting a mortgage. Higher down payment will increase your equity and decrease the amount you have to borrow. You should also be ready for a higher interest rate.

  1. Finding the right inspector

Add a specialized inspector to your home inspection checklist.  The right inspector will be valuable whether you are buying a fixer-upper or an original work of art. An inspector who is skilled and able to spot unique problems in homes is more valuable than the one with less experience with unusual shaped house plans. You should hire someone familiar with unique properties.

  1. Securing Insurance

Insurance companies face unique problems when insuring homes. It is very different to insure a houseboat. Ask the seller about their insurance. Find out who and what they charge for their home insurance. Know the policy’s scope of coverage. You can use their policy to compare other policies and look for a better one.

  1. Getting An Appraisal

Appraisers often compare homes to determine their value of a particular home. Custom homes can be more difficult to value. Because there are no comparables, appraisals can be lower than the purchase price. Your mortgage lender may be hesitant to approve a lower appraisal than the purchase price. A low appraisal could mean that you can negotiate a lower cost.

These are the top factors to consider when purchasing a unique home. These guidelines are not meant to discourage you from buying a home that is a little more unconventional than the norm.

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