Help With Moving: A Guide To Relocation Assistance

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Help With Moving: A Guide To Relocation Assistance

Moving costs a lot of money. Things like purchasing a new house or paying a deposit for a rental can leave you feeling broke even before you start getting estimates.

While some of the resources mentioned are aimed at helping low-income families, there are also options for other movers, like those for women. Let's check out what's out there and who can use it.


What's Relocation Assistance?

Moving can cost a lot, whether it is nearby or far away. A survey found that about a quarter of people who moved for work got their moving costs covered by their employer. If you don't earn much, grants are available to help with moving expenses. These grants can come from nonprofits or government programs, varying depending on where you're moving.


Moving Assistance Resources

Long-distance moves (over 100 miles) cost around $4,300 on average, while local moves average $2,300.  If you're buying a house and getting a mortgage, you might not have spare cash for movers. However, assistance could be available if you're moving to a less crowded state or switching jobs.

Here are some resources that could aid your move.

State and Local Government Incentive Programs

Certain states, counties, or cities help people moving or families in need of support. They do this to boost their population or aid those with low income. Look into where you want to move to find out what kind of assistance they offer.

Relocation Due To Job Loss

Moving because you lost your job? The Trade Adjustment Assistance Program (TAA) helps with relocation expenses for those affected. Find your nearest American Job Center (AJC) through their service locator or call their hotline to access these services.

To apply: A Petition for Trade Adjustment Assistance can be submitted by groups of workers, company officials, one-stop delivery system operators, or partners like state employment security agencies and dislocated worker units. Unions or representatives can also file on behalf of workers. Get petition forms and filing details on the TAA Application Process page.

Modest Needs Grants

Modest Needs gives money to those who can't get regular help. They help families and people who can't usually qualify for typical aid. They might help with transportation costs for those who can't afford to move.

To apply: Go to their website and apply there. You'll need your latest tax return, bank statement, and proof of income to complete the online form.

Emergency Solutions Grants

Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) get money from the government to help people with paying rent, finding emergency shelter, looking for a house, and getting placed in one. They also help out individuals and families who might become homeless.

To apply: Check out your state's commerce department website. Search for ESG there to find the online application and what you'll need to apply.


Charitable Organizations and Nonprofits That Help With Moving Costs

Some groups help low-income families and individuals with money for moving. Based on their program and situation, they might give help for a short while or support for a longer time.

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA has about 160 branches in the US. They give money and aid to people who need help with money. They do this through their own programs and by teaming up with others.

To apply: Look for Catholic charities near you based on where you live. They usually help out people who have little money or those changing jobs.

Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a large nonprofit organization that assists people in urgent need of funds. They have a Housing Now program that provides housing support to low-income families.

To apply: Find a Salvation Army location near you that offers moving assistance. Schedule an appointment there to fill out the application. You'll need your ID, information about where you're moving, proof of low income, and a deposit slip showing where you'll be living.


The YWCA helps women become stronger and fight for their rights in the US. They give money to people who need help moving, especially women wanting to buy a house.

To apply: You need to live close to a YWCA office. Look for one nearby and go to their website. You can find info about housing help there, specifically under "Supportive Housing."

Housing Industry Foundation

The Housing Industry Foundation provides stable housing to people in need. Through their Housing Emergency Fund, they give money to low-income families and individuals.

To apply: Visit their official website to apply for a grant from the Housing Emergency Fund. In addition to accepting applications from the community, they partner with other organizations to offer more assistance.


Government Benefits for Low-Income Families

The US government helps families with low incomes by offering various benefits. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) supports programs that help with housing and rental costs.

Rural Housing Service

The Rural Housing Service of the USDA helps people in rural areas with grants and loans for moving. They collaborate with nonprofits and other agencies to provide these services, covering moving expenses for singles and families.

To apply: Find a nearby local agency office and start the application process. How you apply depends on your family size and why you're moving. You'll need information like family size and proof of income.

Veterans Affairs Relocation Assistance Program

The VA helps veterans with moving through its Relocation Assistance Program. They've got your back for transitioning to new places. Your local VA branch can hook you up with moving help. Also, lots of private movers give discounts to veterans and their families. Ask about these discounts when you're getting quotes from moving companies.

Federal Relocation Assistance Program

Get cash for moving with federal aid through the Federal Relocation Assistance Program. It's for people whose property is taken or torn down. They give money for moving and deposits.

To apply: Access the official website and find the relocation claim form. Fill it out for help with moving and housing costs.


The Bottom Line

Moving costs a lot when you're buying or renting a new place. You might get some assistance if you don't earn a lot or if you can use state or local programs.

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